Advanced Imaging Systems

Siemens MAGNETOM Espree

Our newest MRI is the Siemens MAGNETOM Espree. This state of the art MRI has an extra large opening of 70 centimeters and has a short bore of only 3 feet in width. It delivers exceptional 1.5 Tesla quality images and allows the patient to feel relaxed and comfortable. This new technology is offered at The ImageCare Centers at Newton and Sparta.

I.5T MRI System

From image quality to patient comfort, the MSK Extreme(R) I.5T MRI system has it all. It creates a unique patient experience with its non-claustrophobic open design.

16 slice CT Integrated PET/CT Scanner

Integrated PET/CT is the most advanced imaging technology for the detection and evaluation of cancer. The whole-body scan generates high-resolution images of abnormal metabolic activity and its precise anatomic location.