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3D Digital Mammography

patient and technician with mammography machine

3D digital mammography delivers clear images of dense breast tissue in 3 dimensions, resulting in a better images and detection of breast tumors by radiologists.

PINK switched to 100% 3D mammography several years ago because 3D does a better job at finding cancers than 2D, for all patients. 3D also does a better job for women with dense breasts. While 2D mammography collects one horizontal and one vertical image from each breast, 3D mammograms collect multiple images (typically 40-60 images, but often more) to create a 3D view of the breast. PINK Siemens mammography provides images just 1 millimeter apart. This finds more cancers for women with dense breasts, but cancers can still “hide.”

When breast cancer is detected in its early stages, it is highly treatable. All women between the ages of 35 and 40 should receive a baseline mammogram, and then after age 40, they should get one every 12 months. All insurance plans (as well as Medicare and Medicaid) cover the complete cost of your annual screening mammogram with no out-of-pocket cost. Many insurance plans also cover the cost of breast ultrasounds for women who have denser breast tissue, but they may charge a copay or deductible for a follow-up mammogram.

Why PINK Mammography?

PINK uses the best technology, including Artificial Intelligence and Siemens , to find more cancers (fewer false negatives) and rule out benign tumors (fewer false positives.) PINK Siemens mammography exposes patients to 30% to 50% lower radiation levels than other options, according to research conducted by Siemens and confirmed by PINK. Even though less radiation is required, PINK images are crystal clear and able to detect tissue irregularities when they are still small. Moreover, PINK mammography equipment uses less compression, so it is also more comfortable.

PINK Breast Center offers women peace of mind with state-of-the-art equipment and technology that can help detect any problems early to better protect their health and well-being. PINK Radiologists specialize in the mammogram field—they are not general radiologists, and they are passionate and dedicated to creating a comfortable atmosphere for your during your procedure. If you are due for your first or yearly mammogram Contact PINK today to schedule your appointment!

Mammography technicians at PINK Breast Center in Paterson NJ