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Musculoskeletal Imaging in New Jersey

With musculoskeletal imaging in New Jersey from the professional and experienced staff at ImageCare Centers, patients can receive diagnosis and treatment of injuries and conditions of the bones, joints, and associated soft tissue. Musculoskeletal imaging, also known as MSK, includes the use of CT, MRI, ultrasound, and X-ray imaging to evaluate patients for tears, strains, fractures, masses, unexplained pain, or other symptoms in the extremities, joints, bones, and soft tissue.


An MRI scan can be used to detect problems in the bones and soft tissues. This imaging tool can depict soft tissue injuries and abnormalities with better sensitivity and specificity than conventional imaging techniques.


X-rays are an accurate and reliable way to diagnose a bone fracture, joint malalignment, arthritis, or the cause of other painful conditions. Because musculoskeletal X-ray scans can penetrate the soft tissue in the body but do not go through more dense tissue such as bones or foreign objects, they can provide clear images of your skeletal system.

CT Scan

CT scans can acquire detailed images of the musculoskeletal system, providing scans of bones and muscles individually in two-dimensional “slices,” or as a whole three-dimensional image. This allows medical providers to identify musculoskeletal injuries and conditions such as bone damage, lesions, or fractures, muscle damage, tumors, infections, or blood clots, and internal bleeding.


Ultrasound can be used to look at specific soft tissue structures and the blood flow in vessels within the soft tissues in greater detail. It can also be used to guide injections for the delivery of medication such as corticosteroids into joints, tendons, bursas, cysts, ganglions, and neuromas. Ultrasound images are produced in real time, allowing the radiologist to continually monitor and adjust the position of the injection.

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