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Subspecialty Studies

Diagnostics for your wellness and more

Beyond the standard set of modalities available at most imaging centers, ImageCare’s network of medical diagnostic centers offers a wide range of subspecialty studies available at select imaging centers.

Common Subspecialties

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Diagnostic services for bones, joints, and associated soft tissues. Cases are often sports-related and are also used to evaluate trauma and disease in bones and connective tissues.

Body Imaging

Emphasis on diagnosing diseases related to the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. The most common areas of focus include the lungs, liver, stomach, spine, pelvis, kidneys, colon, and pancreas.

Women’s Diagnostic Imaging 

Our first-class imaging centers for women are focused quality and compassionate care. Mammography and diagnostic breast procedures are offered at many locations



This type of medical imaging is often used for diagnosing and treatment of cancer, heart disease, degenerative brain disease, and other disorders of the lungs, bones, and kidneys.


Minimally invasive image guided procedures offer non-surgical treatment options that have less risk, less pain, less recovery time and better results for diagnosis and treatment of many conditions.


These examinations can be used to diagnose strokes, tumors, genetic conditions, aneurysms, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other cases of neurological dysfunction at an early stage.


Specialized imaging techniques to diagnose a wide range of patients, from infants to adolescents. Methods can be tailored for children based on their diagnosis and history.