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Breast MRI

MRI uses magnetic pulses to create images, which Radiologists use to evaluate your breast tissue. MRI is also used to evaluate brain, spine, and musculoskeletal problems. For breast imaging, MRI has different advantages and disadvantages than mammography or breast ultrasound.

Breast MRI uses an injectable contrast to highlight certain cellular functions that occur when cancer is present. Tissue associated with the contrast agent reacts differently to magnetic pulses than tissue without the contrast agent. As a result, Breast MRI can find cancers that mammography and ultrasound cannot. Breast MRI is particularly helpful for women with certain genetic risk factors.

PINK can help you assess your risk, and potential benefit from an MRI. Your PINK doctor will let you know if it appears to PINK that a breast MRI might make sense for you. PINK does not offer Breast MRI, but can refer you to one of several ImageCare facilities which offer Breast MRI exams: