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Sedation MRI in New Jersey

When a patient undergoes an MRI procedure, it is important for them to remain completely still in order to obtain accurate and clear images. This can be difficult for a patient who is nervous or claustrophobic or who experiences pain while lying in certain positions for a prolonged amount of time, which is why ImageCare Centers offers sedation MRI in New Jersey to assist with relaxation and comfort.

Many patients experience anxiety about their MRI procedure, especially those who are uncomfortable in tight spaces. Additionally, there may be worry surrounding the medical issues that brought the patient in for their MRI procedure, as well as what their medical diagnosis may be once the scan is complete. With our northern New Jersey sedation MRI procedures, we can lower a patient’s anxiety and put them at ease during the course of their MRI scan.

Some patients may also experience pain when they lay on their back or lay still for extended periods of time, or they may have a movement disorder that makes remaining still difficult. Whatever the issue or issues that a patient has, sedation MRI enables an easy and effective MRI experience by helping patients to stay calm and still.

Schedule Your Northern New Jersey Sedation MRI Procedure

If your doctor has requested an MRI for you and you have concerns about the process, the caring and experienced ImageCare Centers staff are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process. We are proud to be the only outpatient MRI center in New Jersey that is approved to offer conscious sedation. Most patients are back to being fully alert and ready for discharge shortly after their sedation MRI procedure, and those who have some side effects upon waking will typically only experience them for a short amount of time. Contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment.