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Q & A with the Radiologist

Get information and answers to common concerns and questions

In this video series, we hear first-hand from ImageCare radiologists and patients to get answers to common questions regarding diagnostic screening. Topics covered include benefits of our open MRI for patients with claustrophobia, low-dose radiology options, and the compassion and affordability offered by ImageCare Radiology that you may not expect from other providers.

Claustrophobic? MRI Patient Testimonial

A large claustrophobic patient explains how ImageCare Open MRI was comfortable

ImageCare Radiology Low Cost Provider

Ask a Radiologists: Dr. John Werring explains ImageCare role in the community as a low cost provider

Lung Cancer Screening Low Dose CT

Ask a Radiologists: Dr. John Werring tells patients the benefits of lung cancer screening and early detections

Cardiac Calcium Score

Ask a Radiologists: Dr. John Werring explains the benefits of calcium scores

Claustophobic MRI Options

ImageCare has a wide variety of options for Claustrophobic patients including sedation MRI and Stand Up MRI

New Jersey’s Premier Outpatient Radiology

Find out what makes ImageCare & PINK Breast Center one of the busiest outpatient clinics in New Jersey