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Open MRI Options with Your Comfort in Mind

Quality, comfortable diagnostic imaging

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Hitachi Oasis
Hitachi Oasis 1.2 Tesla High Field Open MRI
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GE Oni
GE Oni 1.5 Tesla Extremity MRI
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Hitachi Airis Elite
Hitachi Airis Elite .3 Tesla Open MRI
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Siemens Espree
iemens Espree 1.5 Tesla Wide Short Bore
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Siemens Skyra
Siemens Skyra 3T Wide Short Bore MRI-350
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Siemens Lumina
Siemens Lumina 3 Tesla Wide Short Bore MRI
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Siemens Verio
Siemens Verio & Skyra 3 Tesla Wide Short Bore MRI
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Siemens Aera
Siemens Aera 1.5 Tesla Wide Short Bore-2
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Fonar Stand-Up MRI

At ImageCare, we understand that you deserve choices. For those who might typically feel claustrophobia during an MRI, we offer several Open MRI options at our centers. Our goal is aimed at providing a more comfortable experience while still capturing the same or better image quality than a traditional MRI. At our convenient locations throughout New Jersey, you will discover advanced technology that makes your comfort equally as important and delivering accurate results.

Neuro MRI

Neuro MRI uses magnetic field and radio waves to generate detailed images of the brain, spine, neck, face and/or central nervous system. Undergoing a neuro MRI can feel daunting, but we aim to set you at ease prior to undergoing this diagnostic procedure.

Short Bore MRI

A short bore MRI enables more of your body to remain outside of the MRI machine, specifically your head. We offer several different types of short bore MRI machines at our various locations across New Jersey.

Wide Bore MRI

A wide bore MRI features all of the benefits of a closed bore MRI with more space inside the bore area of the machine. This eases the feeling of claustrophobia and uses high magnet strength to produce high quality imaging within a shorter time period than an open MRI.

Extremity MRI

This type of MRI machine is used specifically for diagnostic imaging of the arm, leg, hand, or foot. Only the part of the body being scanned is inserted into the machine.

Stand-Up MRI

A stand-up MRI enables the body to be scanned in various positions instead of lying down. This aids in the diagnosis of certain injuries or diseases that may have otherwise gone undetected.

To learn more about the benefits of our wide and short bore MRI, open MRI, extremity MRI and stand-up MRI, you can browse our MRI options below to learn more about each modality.

Introducing SwiftMR™ – advanced care for all patients with faster MR scans and superior image quality. SwiftMR™ enhances MR images for various body parts, providing superior image quality to ensure the best and most accurate imaging results. ImageCare continues to be a leader in Imaging, making sure our patients come first. Experience the difference with us.