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Ultrasound in Hackettstown, NJ

ImageCare offers the most reliable ultrasound in Hackettstown, NJ, provided with care and attention to your specific needs. Choosing a diagnostic imaging center is one of the most important decisions you can make for your ultrasound procedure or echocardiogram. As the most cost-effective medical imaging center, ImageCare welcomes patients to get the imaging services they need.

What is an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a form of diagnostic imaging that uses sound waves to look at the internal organs of the body. A special instrument called a transducer has tiny crystals inside that, when excited by an electrical current, emit sound waves above the audible range of sound. The sound waves are sent into the body and bounce off internal organs. The transducer then picks up these rebounding sound waves and with the aid of a computer displays the returning sound waves as a picture representing the organ(s) of interest.

What is an Ultrasound Used For?

When people think of an ultrasound, they most frequently think of pregnancy. This is because it is used to observe the uterus and ovaries during pregnancy and to monitor the development of an unborn baby. This effective imaging tool can also be used to look at other internal parts of the body as well. Ultrasound imaging can look at:

  • Solid internal organs such as the pancreas, spleen, and liver
  • Reproductive organs
  • Thyroid
  • Arteries and veins

It can even image the skin and muscles on the arms and legs.

Ultrasound is also used as a guidance tool. The sonographer can show the doctor the exact location of an organ for biopsy with a needle.

What to Expect During an Ultrasound

Most ultrasound procedures take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Generally, there is not any special preparation, but if we do require anything such as fasting or having a full bladder, we will inform you prior to your appointment. We recommend that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, but you may need to change into a gown depending on what is being scanned. During the scan, you will most likely be in a reclined position. Warm gel is placed onto your skin and the transducer is moved across your body. You may feel a gentle pressure, but no pain. The ultrasound technician, or sonographer, will take images. They may point out certain images on the screen, or they may ask you to change positions, hold your breath, lie still, or breathe at specific times. Your doctor or sonographer will go over your ultrasound images with you to determine the next steps.

Is an Ultrasound Procedure Safe?

Yes. An ultrasound procedure is very safe. Because it uses sound waves there is absolutely no radiation involved. As long as a trained technician is in control of the device and the exposure to the ultrasound energy is not prolonged, then any potential risks are extremely low.

The ImageCare Difference

At ImageCare, we are committed to your comfort and we want your experience to be a positive one. If you have any questions or concerns prior to your appointment, do not hesitate to contact us to we can address them.

Call to book your appointment for an ultrasound with the passionate team at ImageCare Hackettstown, NJ today.