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Upright® Multi-Position™ MRI

Available at: East Brunswick

Modality Details:

Today, radiologists and surgeons are seeing revealing images they’ve never seen before, diagnosing spinal and other problems that have often been invisible on recumbent-only MRI’s, and improving surgical outcomes to a degree never before possible – all thanks to the first MRI that lets you put the body in motion, so scans can be done the way people live and experience problems, instead of just lying flat.

With the revolutionary Fonar Upright® Multi-Position™ MRI, you can see the spine fully loaded with the weight of the body – which studies indicate creates up to 11 times more pressure on the discs when compared to laying down. (A. L. Nachemson, 1976; H. J. Wilke et al, 1999). This way you can see the spine in flexion and extension – with the nerves, discs, and other soft tissue in clear view.

side by side x-ray images showing the differences in imaging types

Traditional MRIs require the patient to lie in a tight, enclosed cylinder, which sometimes causes issues for those who have claustrophobia. Typical MRI tests last around half an hour, and with Open MRI the patient is much more comfortable during the scan compared to the more common cylindrical MRI machines. An open MRI is flexible and can be used like a traditional MRI for the Back, Brain, Breast, Cervical, Foot & Ankle, and all other conventional MRI scans.

back view of a man sitting in the Fonar MRI machine
front view of a woman sitting in the Fonar MRI machine

Are you claustrophobic, or have you failed an MRI due to the discomfort of lying down?  An Open and or Upright MRI is the solution. Image Care’s Upright MRI offers a multitude of benefits:

  1. Multiple Positions: Unlike conventional Lie-Down MRIs, Upright MRI allows patients to sit or lay down during the exam.
  2. Relaxing: Our Upright MRI helps eliminate the feeling of being “closed-in” for claustrophobic patients. Just relax in an upright position, in an open area, and watch television and nothing in front of you.
  3. Patient-Friendly Comfort: An MRI should be comfortable for everyone, from young children to the elderly. Parents can stay in the room with their child for added assurance.
  4. One Size May Not Fit All: Our Upright MRI routinely accommodates patients up to 500 pounds, avoiding the cramped feeling of a conventional Lie-Down MRI.
  5. Position: Patients can be scanned in their positions of pain or symptoms. Additionally, body organs and tissues can be viewed in their normal position of function – upright.
  6. Exceptional Quality: Advanced software capabilities and a full range of whole-body applications generate high-resolution imaging to achieve diagnostic precision.
  7. Flexibility: Patients can bend and flex their spine to evaluate the issue in specific positions providing more information to the doctor.

To schedule your Upright MRI: Call 732-698-1717