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MRI Options > GE Oni 1.5 Tesla Extremity MRI

GE Oni

1.5 Tesla Extremity MRI

Available at: Denville, Sparta (376 Lafayette)

Modality Details:
  • Industry-leading gradients deliver 70mT/m of power and 300T/m/s of slew rate.
  • Short echo spacing and high signal-to-noise ratio enable high resolution and sharp images.
  • The system’s design ensures that the targeted anatomy is precisely positioned at the magnet’s isocenter for high quality reads
  • Six iso-centric dedicated RF coils (ranging from 80 mm to 180 mm in inner diameter) can accommodate a wide range of patient sizes, from smaller patients to larger athletes and anatomies.

The GE 1.5T Extremity MRI is one of only a handful that exists in the entire state of New Jersey. The 1.5 Tesla magnet provides beautiful image quality thanks our ability to pick a custom bore size for each patient. We have been placing every patient that comes in for Knees, Elbows, Ankles, Feet, Wrists, and Hands in this machine with incredible results. It is by far the most comfortable MRI experience on the market today and the latest in technology.