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Cholecystostomy Tube Insertion

ImageCare Radiology is a trusted provider of cholecystostomy tube insertion. We offer this critical procedure for patients suffering from acute gallbladder disease, providing an essential intervention to those who require immediate relief and stabilization.

What is a Cholecystostomy Tube?

A cholecystostomy tube is a small catheter inserted through the skin directly into the gallbladder to drain excess bile and fluid in patients with acute cholecystitis or other gallbladder diseases. This procedure is often used as a temporary measure for patients who are too ill to undergo gallbladder removal surgery. It also serves as a bridge for patients transitioning from open to laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, providing a less invasive option for managing gallbladder conditions.A digital illustration of a blue torso showing the gastrointestinal system with the gallbladder highlighted orange

What are the Benefits of a Cholecystostomy Tube?

The insertion of a cholecystostomy tube comes with several key benefits. Firstly, it restores bile flow, which can greatly improve symptoms associated with biliary blockages such as pain, jaundice, nausea, and dark urine. This procedure is particularly beneficial for patients who are not good candidates for immediate gallbladder removal surgery due to their overall health or the severity of the infection.

Additionally, a cholecystostomy tube offers a less invasive alternative to traditional surgery, which typically means fewer risks are involved. Patients can expect a shorter hospital stay and an overall quicker recovery period, allowing them to return to their normal lives sooner.

How Does a Cholecystostomy Tube Insertion Procedure Work?

The cholecystostomy tube insertion procedure is meticulously carried out by our skilled interventional radiologists using precise image guidance. The radiologist makes a small incision on the skin, through which a catheter is carefully directed into the gallbladder. The catheter is then secured to the skin to ensure it stays in place, and a drainage collection bag is attached to collect bile and other fluids from the gallbladder.

The catheter may need to remain in place for several weeks to ensure adequate drainage and symptom relief. As the patient’s condition improves, the possibility of transitioning to laparoscopic gallbladder removal surgery can be considered. This procedure is designed to minimize discomfort and speed up recovery, ensuring patients can look forward to a healthier future.

Contact Us for a Cholecystostomy Tube Insertion Procedure

ImageCare Radiology facilities are conveniently located, making access to high-quality medical care easier for you. If you are experiencing symptoms of gallbladder disease and require a cholecystostomy tube insertion, we are here to help.

Please reach out to schedule a procedure with our compassionate and experienced medical imaging team. We are committed to providing you with the support, care, and expertise needed to navigate your health concerns. Take the first step toward relief and recovery by contacting us today. Your health and comfort are our utmost priority, and we strive to offer the best treatment options tailored to your needs.