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ImageCare Radiology offers various procedures for kidney and urinary health, including nephrostomy. We provide this vital procedure to patients experiencing urinary obstructions that cannot be managed with conventional stenting.

How Does a Nephrostomy Procedure Work?

Nephrostomy is a specialized medical procedure aimed at relieving urinary tract obstructions. It involves the careful placement of a flexible catheter through the skin and directly into the kidney. This minor nephrostomy tube is crucial for draining urine when normal flow is obstructed, either connecting to an external bag or, in rare cases, directly to the bladder.

The interventional radiologist conducts the procedure under moderate sedation for patient comfort. A small opening is created in the skin, through which a guide wire is inserted. Using ultrasound and fluoroscopy for real-time imaging, the wire is guided into the kidney. The catheter, slender and no thicker than a pencil, is threaded over the guide wire to begin urine drainage. The catheter may remain in place until the blockage is resolved, or a ureteral stent becomes feasible. Typically, this procedure is completed within an hour.

What are the Benefits of Nephrostomy?

A nephrostomy is not only a method for managing acute urinary retention but also a preventative measure against potential kidney damage. The benefits include:

• Relieving the blockage of urine flow, which allows the kidneys to function normally and prevents the buildup of urine that could lead to infection or further health complications
• Acting as a vital alternative when ureteral stenting is not viable, ensuring that kidney health is not compromised due to ureteral obstructions
• Offering an interim solution in cases where the blockage is anticipated to be temporary or while waiting for more definitive treatments

By choosing a nephrostomy, patients can experience immediate relief from the painful symptoms associated with urinary blockages and protect their kidneys from long-term damage.

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Contact Us for a Nephrostomy Procedure

ImageCare Radiology is dedicated to providing convenient and high-quality care for patients in need of nephrostomy procedures. Our skilled interventional radiologists are equipped with the latest in medical imaging technology to ensure safe and effective treatment.

If you or a loved one requires a nephrostomy, please contact us to schedule an appointment. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process, from initial consultation to procedure and follow-up care.