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Needle Organ Biopsy

At ImageCare Radiology, we offer needle organ biopsy, conducted by a team of experienced interventional radiologists. Using the latest in medical imaging technology, we perform these critical diagnostic procedures with precision and care, ensuring the highest standards of patient safety and comfort.A woman lies still as a medical provider holds an ultrasound probe against her neck and a needle for tissue sampling

What is a Needle Organ Biopsy?

A needle organ biopsy is a medical test involving the extraction of cells or tissues for examination to determine the presence of a disease. At ImageCare Radiology, we offer several types of biopsy procedures, including liver biopsy, thyroid biopsy, and lymph node biopsy. Our approach to biopsies involves the utilization of advanced medical imaging techniques, such as CT scans and ultrasound, to guide the needle with pinpoint accuracy to the specific section of the organ being evaluated.

What are the Benefits of Needle Organ Biopsy?

For many conditions, a biopsy may be the only definitive way to diagnose a disease that has been detected during a physical exam or on an imaging test. A needle biopsy is a minimally invasive method that allows for a tissue sample to be obtained with less discomfort and fewer complications than surgical biopsies. This technique means that patients typically experience a quicker recovery time and can usually resume their normal activities sooner, often within 1-2 days post-procedure.

How Does a Needle Organ Biopsy Work?

The process of a needle organ biopsy at ImageCare Radiology is straightforward and patient focused. The radiologist administers a local anesthetic to numb the skin over the organ of interest. Once the area is adequately numbed, the radiologist carefully guides a biopsy needle to the target location using real-time imaging guidance from a CT scan or ultrasound. This precision ensures minimal discomfort and the highest yield of diagnostic tissue. After the necessary tissue sample has been obtained, the biopsy needle is withdrawn, and a small bandage is applied. Most needle biopsy procedures are completed in less than 30 minutes, allowing for a quick and comfortable experience for the patient.

Contact Us for Needle Organ Biopsy Procedures

ImageCare Radiology is proud to serve the communities with accessible and reliable diagnostic services. Our multiple locations ensure that high-quality medical care is always within reach. If you or someone you know needs an organ biopsy procedure, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our dedicated staff is prepared to assist you with your healthcare needs, providing support and information every step of the way.

Take that crucial step towards understanding and managing your health with the compassionate care and advanced medical expertise that ImageCare Radiology is known for. Schedule your procedure today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in capable hands.