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April 2022

What to Think About After Getting a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is not an experience anyone ever wants to go through. Should it happen to you, you should know that there are more ...

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How Can You Prevent Osteoporosis?

It is estimated that more than 200 million people suffer from osteoporosis. This disease weakens bones because the production of new bone tissue can ...

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What is a Bone Density Scan?

A bone density scan is a common diagnostic procedure used to measure bone mineral density (BMD). This is the thickness and density of your bones. BMD ...

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Put Your Boys First: April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Put your boys first. And by boys, we definitely mean your testicles. April is Testicular Cancer Awareness month, so if there was ever a time to talk ...

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How to Prepare for a Mammogram

Starting at age 40, most women will begin getting annual mammograms to screen for breast cancer. This preventative screening is vital to detecting ...

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April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

April is testicular cancer month. Every April, the American Cancer Society raises awareness to encourage men between 20 and 35 to get tested for ...

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