3 Reasons You can Count on Our Team for Pediatric Radiology

Undergoing imaging tests can be a stressful experience for everyone, but even more so for children who do not quite understand what is going on and are made uneasy by the sights and sounds of the machines. ImageCare is proud to offer pediatric radiology in New Jersey that helps to put both your child and you, their parent, more at ease, allowing for a less stressful experience for everyone. Here are three reasons why you can count on our team for your pediatric radiology needs:A Child Sits on the Table of an MRI Machine While a Friendly Female Tech Attends to Her

1. We put safety first: If it is necessary, we utilize the lowest dose of radiation possible for your child’s imaging tests, while still obtaining the best images possible to diagnose your child’s condition. But, when possible, we will utilize non-radiation methods of obtaining images, such as ultrasound or MRI.

2. We are friendly and compassionate: Everyone on our staff understands the anxiety both your child and you may be experiencing about the imaging procedure. We provide a welcoming, relaxing setting that helps to put you both at ease, and conduct our imaging services with care and friendliness towards your child, helping them to feel safe and less afraid.

3. We have several convenient locations: We offer various different combinations of imaging services at our various locations, in many cases allowing you to choose a location that is closer to your home or your child’s school. This means less travel time to and from your appointment, and less disruption of your regular schedule.

You can count on the friendly and experienced team at ImageCare for pediatric radiology in New Jersey, along with a wide range of other imaging services for patients of all ages and needs. Let us put you and your child at ease while still providing the high-quality care and services that we are known for!