3 Types of Preventative Screenings to Ensure a Healthy New Year

Some health issues cause little to no symptoms until they progress and cause bigger problems. Staying on top of your health should be a priority to ensure your body is functioning optimally. Count on the radiologists at ImageCare Centers for your preventative healthcare screenings. Some of our preventative services include mammography, lung cancer screenings, and DEXA bone scans in New Jersey.A Doctor Wearing a Lab Coat and Stethoscope Points to a Tablet and a Woman Sitting Next to Him Looks at the Tablet

DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) bone scan: Checks the density of your bones and can determine your risk for osteoporosis. Bone density is the strength of your bones and predicts how prone they are to fractures. Your bones are made up of collagen, calcium phosphate, and calcium carbonate. Bone density is determined by how porous your bones are. The more space within the bone, the less bone mass, and thus, less bone density. The DEXA scan can save you from complications and pain due to osteoporosis. After an imaging scan, your doctor will be able to create a plan with you to reduce your risk of fracture and strengthen your bones.

Mammography: An important scan for women, usually beginning between the ages of 35 and 40. By slightly compressing the breast to take an X-ray of the tissue, your radiologist will be able to determine whether there are any abnormalities within the breast tissue. If any abnormalities are detected, further imaging or a biopsy may be recommended. This type of preventative care can let you know whether you have or are at risk of having breast cancer, calcium buildup, or if there are any changes in the breast tissue.

Lung cancer screening: Checks for lung cancer by using low-dose X-rays to minimize potentially damaging exposure to lung tissue. This type of preventative care can locate chest tumors that may not be visible on conventional X-rays, identifying them at an earlier, more curable stage. Additionally, this screening is crucial to your health as early detection can improve survival rates by up to 80%.

For preventative screenings, count on the expert imaging specialists at ImageCare Centers. Contact us today to schedule your DEXA bone scan in New Jersey or other imaging procedure as part of your efforts to prioritize your health this new year.