3 Ways To Participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Statistics:

  • 297,790 women and 2,800 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.
  • 43,700 women and 530 men die from breast cancer each year.Closeup of the hand of a woman painting a pink breast cancer ribbon on a window.

Remember that each number represents a mother, a sister, a cousin, a friend, and most importantly, a real person.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month takes place every October. It’s easy to wear a pink ribbon, but it’s important to remember that it symbolizes the crusade against breast cancer. Wearing pink shows your commitment and support to:

  • To continue imperative research
  • To provide access to mammograms and other preventative measures
  • To provide access to treatment and support

Here are three ways you can show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Participate In A Breast Cancer Walk Or Run

Show your support by running or walking. These events raise money to help people with cancer and their families through advocacy, research, and patient support. Here are a few events that take place in New Jersey every year:

  • Susan G. Komen MORE THAN PINK Walk
  • Making Strides of Central New Jersey
  • Relay for Life

Put Your Money Where Your Ribbon Is

Donate to breast cancer research. There are multiple organizations worth donating to, so find the one that works best for you. New Jersey ranks in the top 10 states in the nation for breast cancer incidence and mortality. The New Jersey Breast Cancer Research Fund was established in 1995, and the money funds innovative breast cancer research projects, training fellowships, and educational conferences.

Get A Mammogram Or Encourage Your Loved One To Get One

In addition to performing self-checks every month and attending your annual check-up, you should start scheduling a mammogram every two years after turning 40. For women with a family history of breast cancer or other risk factors, you may want to start scheduling your mammograms sooner. Talk to your healthcare provider about when and how often to best accommodate your unique health needs. ImageCare Radiology performs mammogram screenings in New Jersey that are efficient and accurate. The earlier breast cancer is detected, the more positive the prognosis will be.