Can Trauma to the Breast Cause Cancer?

Some women are concerned that breast and surrounding tissue trauma may lead to breast cancer. Fortunately, studies have shown that trauma to the breast does not result in breast cancer. While someone with breast trauma can still develop breast cancer due to their family history or genetics, it won’t be because of their breast trauma.

Trauma to the breast can occur in many ways. Car accidents, assault, battery, and falls can all lead to serious injury. This breast tissue trauma can lead to fat necrosis, the development of cysts, hematomas, and calcifications.

woman with breast trauma

Breast tissue scarring and calcifications caused by trauma do not increase the risk of breast cancer. However, patients need to know that breast trauma can result in additional yearly screening and diagnostic imaging. When doctors note calcifications, hardened masses, and other breast trauma, they may order additional diagnostic imaging to rule out breast cancer. This thorough examination and screening is vital to protecting women and their health. 

What Happens When You Develop a Lump?

If you notice a lump, painful nodule, or discharge from the nipple, it is critical to talk to your doctor. While breast trauma does result in lumps and calcifications, you will need to undergo a thorough evaluation to rule out any other issues. In some cases, breast trauma has alerted physicians to underlying issues and developing cancers that had previously gone undetected. 

Even if you feel confident that your breast changes are not cancerous, but simply the result of trauma, you should get it checked out. 

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Our 3D mammography and Profound AI allow us to create a three-dimensional look at breast tissue. This enables us to recognize the differences between beginning breast cancer lesions and benign breast trauma. With 3D mammography and Profound AI, we can help catch cancer in its earliest stages, giving you a 99% chance of survival

If it has been more than a year since your last screening or if you recently suffered from breast trauma, ask your doctor to schedule a 3D mammogram today. 

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