Common Injuries That Require an MRI

An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) can detect many issues within your body. These include tears, ligament injuries, brain aneurysms, weak arteries, and tumors. With injuries, sometimes a surface scrape doesn’t tell the full story. There are many common injuries that should be more fully investigated with an MRI. A few of these injury types include:An Examination Room Illuminated in Blue Lighting with an MRI Machine in the Center of It

  • Exercise-related injuries: Whether from falling off of a bike, injuring yourself while weight lifting, or getting tackled during sports, exercise-related injuries should be taken seriously. An MRI can help detect whether there are torn ligaments around the injury site, which should be addressed to prevent further complications. Knees often take the bulk of a fall or dislocate during leg strengthening exercises. Count on ImageCare Centers for a knee MRI in New Jersey to understand how to treat and care for your injury.
  • Car accident injuries: Serious car accidents can cause fractures and breaks in the bones, and also lead to ruptured brain vessels, potentially causing a hemorrhage or other internal injuries. These concerns require swift treatment and should be addressed with a scan immediately.
  • Work-related injuries: Across all industries, slip and fall accidents are also one of the most common work-related injuries, resulting in concussions, broken bones, and spinal cord injuries. The spinal cord houses all of your nerves and carries all information and signals to and from the brain. With a spinal cord injury, it is crucial to have an MRI to determine what areas have been damaged and need attention so that proper treatment can follow.

Count on ImageCare Centers for accurate imaging procedures including brain and knee MRIs in New Jersey. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your appointment with one of our expert radiologists.