ImageCare Radiology unveils new service “PINK Better Mammo”

ImageCare Radiology and PINK Breast Center has partnered with iCad, the makers of ProFound AI® for digital breast tomosynthesis (3D mammography).

“PINK Better Mammo” is a 3D mammography read with the assistance of artificial intelligence program, Profound AI. The PINK Better Mammo rapidly and accurately analyzes each individual image and identifies potential malignant lesions. Profound AI for 3D mammography is FDA cleared to offer superior performance and sensitivity.

ProFound AI reduces radiologist reading times by more than 50%, while providing a “second set of eyes” to enhance our ability to spot possibly cancerous lesions. The precision reduces the number of call-backs and unnecessary biopsies especially for patients with dense breasts.

PINK Better Mammo finds more cancers with less call backs.

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