Is Sedation MRI Right for You?

ImageCare Centers make use of MRI technology specifically designed to provide the utmost comfort to our patients while they are undergoing a scan. Our Siemens brand extra-roomy Short Bore MRI machines and Open 3T MRI – which is available at select ImageCare Centers locations – are meant to ease stress and mitigate claustrophobia. With that in mind, we understand that that there are certain instances where additional assistance may be required to ensure a smooth MRI experience. ImageCare Centers is proud to offer sedation MRI in New Jersey for this purpose. Specifically, conscious sedation, but we will delve deeper into that designation later.

Keep in mind that an MRI is a safe and effective way to diagnose certain conditions but in order for it to work properly you need to remain still during the process. Additionally, while an MRI could be as brief as 15 minutes, it could last as long as 90 minutes which is a length of time that is both physically and mentally difficult for certain people. You may want to consider sedation MRI for:

  • Children who are too young to remain still during the exam
  • Individuals who struggle with anxiety and claustrophobia
  • Those who experience discomfort or pain while lying in a certain position for a prolonged period
Person going into an MRI machine.

Being sedated during an MRI does usually mean that you are put in a complete state of unconsciousness before undergoing the scan. There are a few different approaches to sedation that can be taken, and you will need to talk to your doctor about what is right for you.

  • Minimal Sedation – Minimal sedation techniques are achieved through oral medications prescribed by your referring physician that you are instructed to take prior to your exam. These are meant to impact your mood by reducing anxiety and allowing you to relax during the exam.
  • Conscious Sedation –This method of medication is typically administered through an IV and makes you feel sleepy while allowing you to remain in control of your reflexes. This serves to ease your anxiety and discomfort without the dangers of general anesthesia.
  • Deep Sedation – Deep sedation or general anesthesia makes you completely unconscious during the procedure. This is not typical for a radiologist office and must be performed by an anesthesiologist or physician specifically trained in this technique.

ImageCare Centers is the only outpatient MRI center in New Jersey approved to offer conscious sedation. This technique safely enables a positive MRI experience so that vital diagnostic information can be ascertained. In the event that your doctor refers you to have an MRI, remember that this technology will enable you to determine the source of your symptoms or discover a condition that would otherwise be undetectable. While there may be a lot of anxiety associated with this discovery, the only way you can receive the appropriate treatment is by gathering this information. Feel confident that you have sedation MRI as an option to curb your anxiety. You owe it to yourself and your health.