Putting Your Child at Ease for their Radiology Appointment

Does your child have an appointment coming up for pediatric radiology in New Jersey? It is perfectly normal for both of you to feel some apprehension. The skilled and caring team at ImageCare Radiology are ready to help you both feel calmer and more relaxed about your visit. Here are some tips that may also help ease any anxieties:A Pre-Adolescent Girl Lays on an Examination Bed Looking up at Someone While an Ultrasound Wand is Used on Her Stomach

1. Dress your child comfortably. Dress your child in clothing that is comfortable for them and easy to remove in the event that they will be asked to put on a gown. Try to avoid or limit any jewelry, zippers, or metal snaps that day, especially in the area that is being examined.

2. Let your child know what to expect. Giving your child an idea of what to expect at their radiology appointment will put them at ease and help them more easily navigate the experience. Our staff will also be happy to answer any questions you or your child have to make your appointment as stress free as possible.

3. If your child needs to stay still during their imaging procedure, make a game of it. While very young children may struggle to stay still during their appointment because they do not understand the importance of doing so, slightly older children can have an easier time grasping the idea. However, kids will still be kids, and we understand that! Try making a game of staying still, such as seeing how far they can count without moving.

4. Give your child something to look forward to after their appointment. Your child may be nervous about their radiology appointment, which is perfectly normal. Make plans to do a fun activity after their appointment. This will incentivize them to be brave and cooperative so that they can quickly get through their imaging procedure and on to the fun activity.

5. Let your child know you will be close by. You may be permitted to be in the room with your child during their appointment. If so, let them know you will be right there. If not, show them right where you will be sitting waiting for them while their imaging procedure is performed to help put them at ease.

The compassionate professionals at ImageCare Radiology are experienced in providing pediatric radiology in New Jersey, so we know how to put you and your child at ease. If you have any questions before your appointment or when you arrive, be sure to let us know so that we can make the process smoother!