Sarcoma Awareness Month: What to Know About this Disease

July is Sarcoma Awareness Month. Sarcoma is a type of cancer that occurs in various locations in the body, and the term is used to refer to a broad group of cancers that begin in the soft tissues and bones. While there is no known way to prevent this form of cancer, having had radiation to treat previous cancers and genetics can increase a person’s risk for sarcoma.Sunflower on a White Background Next to White Text that Says “Sarcoma Awareness Month” in White on a Yellow Background

Signs and Symptoms of Sarcoma

ImageCare Radiology provides cancer imaging in New Jersey for patients whose doctor suspects they may have cancer, such as sarcoma. Some symptoms to be aware of that could potentially indicate sarcoma include:

• A lump that can be felt through the skin that may or may not be painful
• Unexpected broken bones, such as those that happen with a minor injury or no injury at all
• Abdominal pain
• Weight loss

Risk Factors for Sarcoma

While sarcoma can’t be prevented, there are certain risk factors to be aware of. These include:

• Inherited syndromes such as familial retinoblastoma or neurofibromatosis type 1
• Previous radiation treatment for cancer
• Chronic swelling
• Exposure to chemicals such as industrial chemicals or herbicides
• Exposure to herpesvirus 8

Individuals who have experienced any of these risk factors in their lives should be mindful of the signs and symptoms of sarcoma and alert their doctor if they experience any of them.

Diagnosis of Sarcoma

There are various tests and procedures, such as cancer imaging in New Jersey, that will be performed to determine whether a patient has sarcoma or another condition. These may include:

• A physical exam to better understand symptoms and look for clues to help with diagnosis
• Imaging tests
• Biopsy

Once your physician has determined whether your condition is sarcoma or another cancer or disease, they may perform additional testing to determine its extent.

ImageCare Radiology is here to provide you with all of the imaging services you need to diagnose sarcoma or other conditions, determine their extent, and develop a plan for treatment. Contact our caring imaging team today to schedule an appointment.