Understanding the Different Types of MRIs Available

MRIs can be uncomfortable for many people. This is typically the case for patients who suffer from claustrophobia and anxiety. When you get an MRI in New Jersey from ImageCare, we are sure to accommodate you for any reason while you are receiving your MRI. At our facility, we pride ourselves on our patient service.

The Types of MRIs

There are many types of MRI scans available at ImageCare in New Jersey, including sedation MRI, open MRI, and upright MRI. We offer many different MRI options that you can choose from. A standard MRI uses a large magnet with an opening in the shape of a tube where you must lay still for an extended period of time as scans are taken of your body. At ImageCare, we feature Siemens brand extra-roomy Short Bore MRI machines which are for the specific area of your body that needs to be scanned. While you must remain still, the rest of your body can be outside of the machine, giving you space to feel comfortable.

A white MRI machine in a brightly lit white room with a blue cushion on the machine’s bed

Our facility also offers open 3T MRI (at select locations) specifically designed to alleviate stress and the feeling of tightness and claustrophobia. This new technology brings clarity for our radiologists in your prognosis. We also provide sedation MRI for those who would prefer taking a medication before receiving their MRI to avoid anxieties and breeze through their screening.

ImageCare also offers upright MRI (or stand-up MRI) which allows you to be in any position, whether it is standing, sitting, leaning, bending over, or laying down. Other MRI machines are strictly designed for patients to lay down in the machine. The upright MRI allows all parts of the body to be scanned with the normal weight of your body on the spine and other joints, leading to more accurate results.

At ImageCare, we look forward to accommodating our patients and ensuring they feel safe and comfortable while receiving an MRI or other medical imaging services. Call your local ImageCare today to schedule your appointment with our experienced and knowledgeable radiologists.