Why More People Choose the Hitachi MRI in New Jersey

At ImageCare, we are proud to offer the latest in imaging technology to our patients, including machines that are more comfortable and less claustrophobic. By providing our patients with imaging services that put them at ease, we can make their experience less stressful while also obtaining the best possible images for their referring physicians. One of the machines that we utilize is our Hitachi MRI in New Jersey. We have this cutting-edge machine at two of our locations, and patients prefer it for many reasons:

Accommodating, roomy design: By providing more room around patients, the Hitachi MRI Elite can accommodate a wide variety of body types more comfortably. The increased body weight capacity of this machine allows us to scan larger patients with ease for their peace of mind, so we can provide the same accurate imaging services to patients no matter what body type they have.Image of the Hitachi Airis Elite .3 Tesla Open MRI

Less claustrophobic: It is not uncommon for patients to feel uncomfortable and anxious in a smaller, more constricted MRI machine. The Hitachi MRI Elite has more open space around the patient so that they don’t feel confined to a small, claustrophobic area. This allows for a less stressful, smoother experience where we can more easily obtain the images that are needed for the patient.

Better visibility: The open design of the Hitachi MRI Elite provides more visibility to the technicians performing the imaging service, allowing them to adequately see children or other patients who may need more supervision during the procedure.

By providing a less-restrictive imaging experience with our Hitachi MRI in New Jersey, ImageCare can provide patients with peace of mind and comfort when they visit us for their services. To learn more about all of the imaging services that we offer or to schedule a service, visit our website today!