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Medical Imaging Services in Fair Lawn, NJ

0-100 28th Street, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

Experience patient-centered care at an efficient diagnostic facility. Turn to ImageCare Fair Lawn for medical imaging services in Fair Lawn, NJ. Even those with claustrophobia can trust in our caring staff to ensure you feel at ease. Access all the imaging services you need including:

The Most Advanced Imaging Technology

Get the best care possible. At our facility you receive the latest advances in service, equipment, and imaging technology. We take pride in housing the most modern and comfortable imaging machines, and we always put your needs first.

Your Comfort First

ImageCare Fair Lawn services are designed with patient comfort in mind. Our 1.5T short/wide bore MRI is about 30% wider and about two feet shorter than a typical MRI, this means that you’ll experience less of that claustrophobic feeling that’s normally associated with MRI scans.

Our accredited, highly trained technologists make every effort to ensure you are calm and feel at ease. You can relax and listen to your favorite music or podcast while undergoing your exam. Our short bore MRI allows your head to be out of the machine for about 60% of exams, giving you a more open-air feeling while the scan is in progress.

What to Expect

Prior to your appointment you will be informed of any required preparations. These will vary depending on the part of the body being scanned. Our staff help you understand any necessary instructions so you can easily follow them to ensure your appointment goes as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Walk-In X-rays Available

For our X-ray services, we do accept walk-ins Monday through Saturday. To avoid a potential wait, we recommend making an appointment whenever possible.

Schedule Your Appointment

At ImageCare, we accommodate your schedule by providing flexible office hours. Most forms of insurance are accepted, and self-pay patients experience the lowest rates. Schedule your appointment for diagnostic imaging services in Fair Lawn, NJ, today.